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Details on the businesses we want to partner with.

The Fund: Businesses we are interested to hear from:

District Ventures Capital invests in emerging brands that develop, manufacture, market, distribute or sell consumer goods, with a particular focus on the food, beverage, beauty and health and wellness sectors.


The Fund will seek investments in companies that exhibit strong and unique opportunities for market leadership, growth and economic value creation. Prospective investee companies will have strong revenues, and generally require capital for growth between $2 and $10 million; initiate product roll-outs and expand distribution and market presence.

Investment decisions will be based on:


  • Existing revenues, projections and cash flows

  • A unique innovation in the food and health space

  • Natural and organic products

  • Expanding distribution network

  • Competitive landscape and market potential

  • Management team, and experience

  • Business model and scalability

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