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October 19, 2021

District Ventures Capital ("District Ventures") today announced the closing of an equity investment in Just Vertical, a Toronto-based company that produces vertical hydroponic growing systems which double as furniture.


September 7, 2021

Arlene Dickinson, General Partner of District Ventures Capital is pleased to announce the appointment of Jeremy Daveau as Operating Partner.



April 13, 2021

District Ventures Capital announces a $9.3M investment co-led with InvestEco Capital and Export Development Canada (EDC) in popular organic pasta brand Chickapea.

Who we are. 

District Ventures Capital is a venture capital fund investing in innovative companies in the food & beverage and health & wellness sectors. The fund is led by entrepreneurs, including Managing Partner, Arlene Dickinson.


The food & health sectors represent a significant opportunity for entrepreneurs and investors. Demographic trends, together with shifting consumer preferences toward sustainable and socially responsible products, have created a market for innovative and artisanal products. In fact, the CPG sector is forecast to double in size in the next decade, and certain product categories, like the specialty food and functional beverage categories, are forecast to grow at twice the rate of overall consumer spending.

District Ventures Capital

Fund Focus

Investing in innovative consumer food & health goods

Fund Size

$100 million

Fund Investments

Up to
$7 million

Fund Difference

Investing in a unique space, led by entrepreneurs

Fund Advantage

Unparalleled deal flow and growth support ecosystem

Fund Team

Led by
Arlene Dickinson
The food & health sectors represent a significant opportunity for entrepreneurs and investors.

Innovators and entrepreneurs are responding to these trends. In fact, of all sectors, food and beverage has the fastest growth of patents granted, generating a strong pipeline of products ripe for commercialization.


District Ventures Capital taps into this rapidly growing market by investing in Canadian companies that have an innovative product and have demonstrated significant market traction.